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March 12, 2018

Hachi Digital

The pop-up and Influencer management agency working in partnership with Luxuria Lifestyle.

Hachi pairs Influencers with brands and brands with Influencers.

Both are aligned to match target audiences, branding and content needs.

The Founder

Born in Wales and grew up in a small town. Between fighting the female revolution and battle for equality at just age 15 she got offered an opportunity to work with Channel 4. This kickstarted her passion and career in entrepreneurship and she continued this along side a successful eBay business with the Chinese market.

She won an 20 under 20 award from Janet Jackson and continued to build her career at University. After leaving she worked in Recruitment and very quickly decided marketing was more for her. She worked for James Caan, the NHS and other local and Global businesses specialising in content creation and social media storytelling.

She has now set up a dedicated company for freelancers in order to share the client workload and understand the fluctuations in day rates. With over 150 freelancers in her database and 15 clients in four months at the age of 25, she means business. You can find her sipping coffee, looking for every opportunity out there and smashing the patriarchy.

Her first event ‘Empowering Women’ had 4 amazing speakers, 19 supporting brands and was put on European TV as well.

Read the latest about the event here.

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