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June 30, 2018

The Luxuria Lifestyle team have been on the continent exploring the continent for the best possible luxury services. On the journey we have found one consistent fact: The best in Luxury is born from passion and people who love what they do.

Hence we found Majestic Events. I would like to share with you the story behind Kenya’s top events and wedding company. This story is one best shared from a first person point of view. Here is Marion’s story in her own words.

After realizing that sitting behind a desk, dealing with trucks, truck drivers and being so distant from clients was not for me, I knew I had to make a change. I thought long and hard about following my passion; the path for events planning. specifically in the Corporate division; planning Corporate Events, and with the guts I had, I was ready to dive into the murky waters of the Corporate world Events with no form of experience!!!!. I decided to open up an events planning company that would focus on corporate events! Majestic Events .“If this was not committing career suicide before even taking off, I bet I shall never know what career suicide really is”, Luckily for me, the suicide never came to pass thanks to a mentor I found who advised me to first start off with social events, especially weddings, before venturing into the corporate world. The option made a lot of sense at the time because I had not been in Kenya for over 2 years. The only problem was that I had never attended an entire wedding at the time and all I knew was what I saw in the movies.

To get some experience and an idea of what having a wedding in Kenya would mean, meant teaming up with a wedding photographer who allowed me to accompany him whenever he went for a job. This was the best decision I ever made because it gave me an opportunity to experience what couples go through on the wedding day ; from the moment they wake up to their first dance. After attending over 30 weddings, I was now ready to put all that I had learnt into practice.

One of my best friend’s brothers was planning on having a wedding in December 2008 so I approached them and asked if they would consider allowing me to plan their wedding at no cost. I figured they would give me a “Yes” instantly especially because they were in the US. Well, they got back to me in October!!! Was I shocked? Yes, Excited, definitely!! but I also understood that their wedding was huge and they would be inviting a number of politicians since the groom’s father was a politician. I was glad to get this opportunity.

The planning of this wedding went very well until two weeks to the event when I was told that the Vice President would be attending. This meant that a lot of things were going to change; from the seating arrangement, to the VIP holding room, to VIP ushers, and the food service. Luckily for me, I pulled it off and it was a huge success. This opened the doors for me to plan my best friends’ wedding 4 months later that was in May 2009, which was also going to have a number of politicians. The second wedding came with its challenges and the biggest one to point out was the huge number of guests attending the event. 1,200 guests to be specific. Pulling off this wedding gave me a lot of confidence and that’s when the rollercoaster for wedding planning took off steadily.

Little by little, my wedding clientele portfolio started growing, with a breakthrough coming after planning and executing another wedding from a referral which became a pilot piece for the 1st ever wedding show in Kenya; The Samantha Bridal Show. After featuring in this show, my business took a different turn and I became the ‘‘Wedding Planner’’ that everyone wanted to work with.

After doing so many weddings, I became very irritated by how Tie backs on guest chairs would end up on the floor during an event or if lucky, after the event. I just thought that there had to be a better solution…. This is how Tiffany chairs came to be in the Kenyan events industry. Tiffany, ( chiavari) chairs was a product of my research on how to address the tie backs problem. These chairs were welcomed with joy and have now become a standard in the industry. It will always be my joy to know that my business, Majestic Events, changed the industry and yet again took our business to another level.

In 2013, many couples started giving us referrals to do events for their companies and after planning a number of events for them, we decided to seize the opportunity and open up the Corporate division which has been growing ever since.

Through past clients and referrals, I edged closer to my passion side of the business; The Corporate. We have several credible local and international companies that we can line up as clients we have worked with so far and these are;The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, John Hopkins International University, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Business Network International – Kenya, Knight Frank Kenya and now are proud to be the Events partner with The Luxury Network- Kenya.

Majestic Events;
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