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April 26, 2016

Nestled in the heart of Nairobi,in a city buzzing with development and opportunity, a business faces an uncertain amount of challenges. Nairobi, the heart of east African commerce, is the rising star for business in Africa. To navigate business and African culture you need the right partners at your side. Partners who have knowledge of the African business climate, and culture. Partners with international qualifications and experience. These are skills that are hard to find and hence I am proud to introduce the dynamic duo behind CJW advocates, Caroline Jepkemboi Kittony-Waiyaki and Jennifer Wambui Nduati.

Caroline and Jennifer met through a mutual client and discovered the need for personalized yet professional legal services in East Africa. They co-founded CJW by merging their respective firms and combining over 40 years of Legal expertise in the afro-international field. This joint venture based on integrity, privacy and personal service, is shifting the way legal professionals are viewed in Africa as a whole. CJW is a boutique law firm that provides personal, professional and efficient services to businesses and private individuals, boasting clients like Radio Africa, Trans National Bank and Goshen Acquisitions. When moving your business forward from Africa, you need look no further for a legal partner than this.

We met with the founding partners and asked them what defines them in business and what their vision for Africa was this was their responses:


“My business culture is defined by building lasting relationships from a position of mutual trust”
“I believe that Africa is ready for business, to this end we provide our services fostering African to African growth, helping build mutual relationships both locally and internationally that will see small to medium enterprises on the continent grow into global economic power houses. I personally want to see more African women empowered and becoming masters of industry globally.”


“Quality and structure are the key to success and I have a deep founded respect for intelligence and fostered growth”

“I see Africa as a world business hub, with Nairobi as the perfect starting point for any business looking to launch into the continent. My desire is to facilitate Africa’s movement into a position of power within the global village. We are the perfect partner to help anyone achieve this with our international skill set, cultural knowledge of the continent and unique ability to provide bespoke African solutions at a world class level.”

Both of these inspiring women share a passion for growing small to medium enterprises and do not fear the challenges of working with global companies that share their vision for Africa. They have built relationships with legal firms across the globe to ensure that there is no challenge or situation too big for them to transverse in their quest for excellent client service. Their hand-picked team of 20 legal professionals means that they are able to boast a 24hour service turn around. This is an unmatchable feat, especially at the personal level of service, that CJW offers every client.

Legal, Registrar and Research services offered by CJW include the following:
Real estate, Conveyance and Property Law
Commercial, Corporate and Company law
Energy, Mining and Natural Resource Law
Aviation Law
Family Law, Trusts, Probate and Administration
Intellectual Property and ICT Law
Employment and Labor Law
Immigration Law
Diaspora Assistance
Public Private Partnerships
Project Finance and Securitization
Mergers and Acquisitions
Insurance, Banking and Securitization
Company Secretarial Services
Registrar Services
Trust Creation and Management
Research and Seminars

They have experience in the following sectors:

Mining, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Information Technologies, Finance and Insurance, Real Estate, Admin, Waste Management, Education, Health Care, Social Assistance, The Arts and Entertainment, Accommodation, Food and Beverage.

With all these skills it is refreshing to find, that this firm is very socially responsible, supporting St Marks orphanage in Kenya and through multiple NGO initiatives and sponsorships. The CJW team has balanced the business and corporate social responsibility in such a way that any affiliation with them is an honor.

Luxuria Lifestyle applauds and endorses CJW Advocates in all their endeavors and looks forward to watching as they face the challenges of African Business.

For more information or to contact CJW Advocates please use the details below:

wwTel: 020 271 4470 or 020 272 2673

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